The reason why offshore development in Vietnam is popular

2019-05-20 午後3.09.10

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The reason why offshore development in Vietnam is popular

In the modern world of the net and global society, it is possible to order work not only domestically but also abroad (overseas). One such example is “Offshore Development.” Countries that are engaged in this “offshore development” are emerging countries such as Vietnam, India, China, and Indonesia, and Vietnam’s “offshore development” is particularly high quality and popular.

The number of companies that entrusted development work to emerging countries has increased worldwide due to the shortage of IT engineers in Japan and cost reduction. This time, I will focus on the “offshore development” of Vietnam, which is particularly popular from the global point of view, and explain in detail.

What is offshore development

“Offshore development” refers to developing its products by outsourcing work to IT engineers in emerging countries such as Vietnam, India, China, and Indonesia. The reason for ordering development work from emerging countries is to make up for “cost reduction” and “human resources shortage.”

At present, “offshore development,” which can outsource development work overseas, has attracted attention.

Why is offshore development in Vietnam attracting attention?

There are several reasons why “offshore development” in Vietnam is being watched. I will explain in detail one by one.

Many IT technicians

It is said that there are about 300,000 IT engineers in Vietnam. Also, as the demand for IT engineers in Vietnam is increasing, the number of IT engineers will increase in the future. Although there are still fewer engineers than in China, they are still famous as having quality engineers.

Hardworking national character

Vietnamese people are famous for their diligent national style. When ordering work, taking responsibility for the work you have given and working to the end will lead you to leave the task with confidence. As a result, opportunities for trusting diligent Vietnamese nationalities to outsource will be substantially increased. Since “trust” is the minimum necessary to receive “jobs,” Vietnam has acquired the position there.

The cost is cheaper than other countries

Compared with other emerging countries, Vietnam’s “offshore development” is one of the most popular because it is relatively inexpensive. In the IT countries “India” and “China,” labor costs for IT engineers are high, but in Vietnam, IT is under development compared to India and China so that the cost can be reduced.

In Vietnam, you can get the job done for about 250,000 yen so that you can leave the job at a reasonable price.

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