The age of incorporating IT into sports has arrived

There was no concept of “sports × IT” until now, but many sports teams have recently adopted “IT” actively. By incorporating “IT” into sports, it is possible to know the athlete’s performance by technical data from the player’s weaknesses and strengths to the game development. Also, a new sports business using “IT” may be born.

Now a major company is trying to expand this new field by investing in or entering into this new business of Sports x IT.

Make data on players and spectators big data

We use “IT” technology to adjust the player’s condition and analyze the opponent team. Thus, the tendency to incorporate “IT” into sports is becoming stronger. There is information that could not be known until now only in the specialization, and parts that were not able to be “visualized” can now be “visualized” using big data stored in the cloud IT has become.

In the World Cup, VAR using the power of “IT” was introduced

“VAR (Video Assistant Referee)” introduced for the first time in the “Russian World Cup” in 2018, “The video assistant referee” “The final look at the video recorded in cases such as when the referee missed a play or the judgment is ambiguous To make a “judicial decision” incorporated IT technology.

However, on the other hand, there are voices such as “lengthening the game time” and “the fun is lost,” so it may be necessary to sufficiently consider the balance between “IT” and “sports.”

A new sport is born

Moreover, in the field of “sports x IT,” not only “available information” is increased, but it also leads to the creation of “new sports” that did not exist up to now.

It is a representative new sports competition “Pong! Pong!” That makes full use of IT technology.

It has become a new sport combining table tennis and IT, and now it is used as entertainment in some play facilities.

In this way, entertainment that “IT” is combined with “sports” will increase from now on, so there is a possibility that new competitions will come out that have never been done before.


So far we have written about the possibilities of “IT x Sports,” but in the future, this field will grow and expand. Not only does this provide “accuracy” and “information” to existing sports, but it also has the potential for new sports. I’m looking forward to what kind of “IT” will work on “sports” in the future.

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