purchasing behavior in the Internet society

How has the purchasing behavior changed in the Internet society?

With the spread of the net, the net cannot be separated from our daily life now. Because net is essential tools for us, the process of people’s buying goods is also changing, before and after the spread of the net. So, this time, I summarized the purchasing behavior in the Internet society in detail.

The penetration rate of the internet

Although, it is a little old data, the penetration rate of the net is quite high that is 83% in 2015. It seems the rate is getting higher now. Moreover, recently, social media has become more popular in past few years. Social media also known as SNS. SNS is mainly used by 10-30s people. There is still a lot of opportunities to recognize products, but on the other hand, there is considerable increases in the number of patterns on news sites, corporate websites, and social networks.

What is the modern purchasing behavior?

The terms AISAS and SIPS are used to describe the modern purchasing behavior of the Internet society. I will explain each in detail.


AISAS takes the initials of five words: Attention, Interest, Search, Action, and Share. This represents a series of purchasing behavior. To explain it a little more concretely, it is a process of people finding a product on a site or SNS, they feel they want to purchase, examining a company site or reputation, actually purchasing it, introducing it on their own SNS, and spreading the item hey purchased. It is difficult to search and share everything without internet in these days, so, it can be said that these two actions are unique to present.


This is a word that indicates purchasing behavior focused on social media, and it stands for Sympathize (identification), Identify (confirmation), Participate (participation), Share & Spread (share and spread). This is a something I feel good to introduce people good on SNS, so, I will investigate the product in detail. If I think that it is good to buy an item and spread it by myself, the phenomenon occurs that it is more likely to diffuse to other people.

An interesting part in here is the part of Participate. In fact, if you decide not to buy it, but you hink it is useful for others, we more likely to spread that information for others. It is an unique phenomenon that SNS can cause.


At present, the net is widespread and people’s purchasing behavior has changed accordingly. It is distinctive customer behaviour that the general public also shares and spreads products that they have found and think good. From these things, it can be said that various products are easily accessible by people today.

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