Is the work of civil servants streamlined by RPA?

2019-05-20 午後3.09.10

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Is the work of civil servants streamlined by RPA?

How many people know the word “RPA”? Around 2016, this “RPA” began to be talked about in the news, and began to become popular around 2017. In this way, there are more and more companies that use IT technologies such as AI and RPA to automate and streamline their work. What is the specific benefit of implementing RPA by introducing RPA, which is one of the IT technologies?

About RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

This “RPA (Robotic Process Automation)” refers to the substitution, automation, and efficiency of work by making the software of a desk work record (imitation) using the rule engine, machine learning, AI (artificial intelligence), etc. Contribute to improving productivity.

This is also known as a virtual intellectual worker (digital labor), and it is regarded as a person who will replace human beings and perform business quickly and efficiently.

Advantages of introducing RPA

Next, I will explain the merits of incorporating “RPA” and what can be expected by introducing this “RPA”.

1. Cost reduction

“RPA (Robotic Process Automation)” mainly carries out desk work such as routine work (data input and data matching, inquiry work), replacing people with people, so it can be carried out without wasting costs. I can do it. This is not only financial cost but also time cost at the same time, so it is very useful for jobs that require a lot of routine work such as civil servants.

2. Reduce manual typing errors

By introducing RPA (Robotic Process Automation), it is possible to prevent human errors that occur while humans perform routine tasks. RPA automates your work, so you don’t get it wrong or get it wrong. Once automated, you can perform tasks more quickly and accurately than humans do. As a result, it is possible for employees to concentrate on other tasks until now, resulting in increased productivity and better service quality.

3. Improving productivity

By recording (mimicing) routine tasks such as desk work on software robots once, it is possible to contribute to raising the productivity, productivity, and substitution of tasks. Until now, people who have been doing this work can start to work in different ways, resulting in improved productivity.


In the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, IT technology like “RPA” is also very useful. In addition to streamlining the work and doing the work automatically, RPA will carry out the work instead, so that staff can concentrate on other work without worrying about the work. The impact of IT technology on society is likely to continue to grow.

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