How many people lose their work with the spread of Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

2019-05-20 午後3.09.10

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Does the AI make the number of jobs decrease?

There are pros and cons about artificial intelligence (AI) taking work away from human work. However, not only everyone must admit that artificial intelligence (AI) can work more quickly and accurately than human beings, there is also the fact that professionals in the world of shogi actually break into AI . If such AI would be in the world, it might be inevitable that the need for human beings at work would be somewhat reduced.

how many people are actually deprived of work by AI?

About 47% of employers are robbed of work in the United States

The development of AI-equipped “automated car” technology and its widespread use in the world will lead to the loss of jobs for taxi drivers and bus drivers. In addition, the day when manual jobs such as convenience stores are replaced by AI will be on the verge. In fact, in China, there are innovative stores called “unmanned convenience stores” that do not have to be paid for labor costs.

It is self-evident that as the speed increases, the more work you lose. If you know this fact, you might think that the importance of human beings in your work is reduced, but not at all.

Can AI be human?

So far, we have described focusing on the fact that “humans lose their jobs due to the development of AI technology,” but we must also consider the benefits that AI brings to workers.

The ability of AI to replace humans with what they have hated “simple labor” has increased productivity, enabling them to share their salaries with employers.  At the same time, it is also possible And as a result, the employer will be able to live a good life.

And the spread of AI into the world  will also create new jobs. Since the industrial revolution, human beings have lost their jobs due to the introduction of machines, but because machines lacked “design”, they created a new job called “designer”. In terms of the possibility of new work in the future, it is possible to be a person who manages AI, a person who teaches how to manage AI, or create new employment.


Of course, depending on how you use AI from now on, the position in human work will change, but for the introduction of AI, including the possibility of creating a new job.

It may not be necessary to become pessimistic.

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