Current situation and future issues of taxi industry

About the present situation of taxi industry and future problem

Taxis are close to us as a means of transportation. Such taxi industry is about to change greatly with the change of the times now. So, this time, I will divide the explanation into what I think will happen to the taxi industry in four parts.

Lack of human resources

The number of taxi drivers is decreasing year by year. The driver’s aging is progressing, but young people are not coming in, so the number of people who quit is increasing.

]It is difficult to secure personnel who can learn new routes and have communication with customers, and because there are many customers who have bad attitudes, it is difficult to increase the number of people because they are not being respected by young people. not.

On the other hand, demand is increasing due to the increase of tourists, etc., and it seems that human resource shortage will continue to be bothersome.

Taxi driving

Research has been focused on automatic driving of cars for some time, and there seems to be some autonomous cars that actually drive on the road. The technology is moving into the taxi industry, and the government is focusing on projects to start taxi operation by 2020. It is a great advantage that safe driving can be achieved and the demand can be satisfied by automatic driving, but there is also a disadvantage that the taxi driver is unemployed.

Spread of dispatch app

There may be many people who have never had a chance to catch a taxi. It is a dispatch app that solves such a problem. It is an excellent thing that you know where you are in a taxi nearby and you can even make reservations, and it seems that some companies have already introduced it. There is no doubt that the spread will accelerate as taxi companies and customers also benefit.

Dissemination of new services such as ride share and white tactics

Ride share is a system in which people who go to the same destination share the ride and get it cheaply, and the white geek is a white license plate, a system in which ordinary people carry someone to a destination instead of a taxi. These services have already spread overseas, and are expected to spread in Japan in the future. There is concern that the taxi industry will decline as a result of customers being attracted to such services.


While the taxi industry is becoming more convenient with the dispatch app, the potential for new services to spread is emerging. There will be a need to prepare for these new trends.

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