Amazon launches low priced supermarkets

Amazon launches low priced supermarkets

The biggest net shop owner is Amazon. Recently, there was big news that Amazon launched a low-priced supermarket. Therefore, this time, I will summarize the details of the news and the grocery stores that Amazon has worked with in the past.

Details of the news

The Wall Street Journal reported on 1st of March 2019 that Amazon is planning to roll out dozens of grocery stores in major cities of the United States. The first store is scheduled to open in Los Angeles at the end of 2019 and also, Amazon plans to open two more stores which is already in progress. Amazon has been working on actual supermarkets in the past, but this time, this Amazon’s new idea is attracting attentions due to the largest online shopping company will develop and launch low priced supermarket this year.

What is the whole food market that Amazon deals with?

Amazon has already worked with a particular food supermarket which is called Whole Foods Market. It is a well-known American large supermarket which has hundreds of stores in Canada, the United Kingdom and United States. They are selling Natural food, vegetarian food, imported food, etc. Whole Foods Market is a relatively high-class supermarket compare to others.

However, Whole Foods Market was originally founded by another company, which has acquired by Amazon in August 2017 for $ 13.7 billion. Therefore, Amazon is not a founder of Whole Foods Market.

What is the expectation of low-priced supermarkets in Amazon?

As the specific content has not been announced, the Wall Street Journal makes its own predictions about the content of the supermarket.

In this article, I summarized the main contents.

1 Acquire an existing store

The Wall Street Journal stated that it will be developed in dozens of stores in this announcement, I have predicted that they will be planning to do acquisition more existing supermarkets. This is the same process as Whole Foods Market.

2 it will be a completely different form Whole-foods market

Whole foods market is mainly focused on food products, but Wall Street Journal stated that the supermarkets that Amazon announced this time might be selling daily necessities and health goods as well.

People’s interests towards the content of the store is growing because Amazon stated that they will be officially launching a company that is  different from the Whole Foods Market.


Amazon has announced that by the end of the year, a low-priced supermarket will be open in Los Angeles. However, the details have not been announced yet, so, let’s pay attention to the official announcements Amazon will make in the future.

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