Advantages and disadvantages of offshore development

2019-05-20 午後3.09.10

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In the modern age of the Internet society, it has become possible to exchange work without being trapped in places. “Offshore development” is one that represents it. Offshore means “a place away from the sea”, which means “overseas”. Offshore development refers to “requesting system development work overseas”, but this has been popular in recent years.

This time, I will explain this “pros and cons of offshore development”.

Offshore Development Benefits

Here, we will introduce three merits.

Can be outsourced at an inexpensive price

After all, you can do development at relatively low prices by asking emerging countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, and India for work. In a large economy that is struggling with the talents of engineers, there are few clients that can offer work at low prices, so we will move into emerging countries where engineers are relatively cheap, such as India and Vietnam.

Make up for human resources difficulties

For example, with a small number of engineers in Japan, and talented engineers, they can only work at a higher price than emerging countries. After all human resources trouble is a factor to increase the unit price of the request, countries where development costs are cheap are popular.

Work from a global perspective

Even if the service is easy to use in the developing country but hard to use in other countries, development is promoted overseas, so one of the advantages is that it is possible to directly obtain an opinion from a global perspective It becomes.

This is an advantage of offshore development as it works very well when expanding targets overseas.

Disadvantages of offshore development

Above we have discussed the benefits, but below we will discuss the disadvantages.

Communication is difficult to take

The biggest problem is that the languages ​​are different. If the language is different, differences in nuances and mistakes in transmission may result in something different from the ideal product. The point that communication is difficult to take is something that should be kept in mind.

It is difficult to manage

It is also related to the “communication is difficult to handle” explained above, but since offshore development basically works by remote control, it is difficult to manage. Meetings can not be made easy, and even if there are sudden changes, it can not be easily understood in common.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of offshore development.

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