Advantages and disadvantages of introducing “AI (Artificial Intelligence)”

What benefits does AI, which continues to evolve in the world, bring to human life? In China, there is an unmanned convenience store, an AI restaurant, and in China where AI is developed, “AIization” is very advanced.

However, the other side is that, as AI advances, there is also the aspect that human work and employment decrease.

Here we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of introducing AI.

Advantages of introducing “AI”

I think there are pros and cons, but here are some of the benefits of introducing AI.

Reduced labor costs

This is an advantage of hiring employees, but by introducing “AI”, it is possible to reduce “labor expenses” that management is most concerned about. There is no need to pay salaries only on a monthly basis, with the initial costs and administrative costs of “AI”. The benefits of this alone will make the development of “AI” inevitable.

It can be used for nursing care

For example, in Japan where the declining birthrate and aging population is increasing, the welfare industry’s work is not enough, but the wages in this industry tend to be relatively low. Therefore, the popularity of the welfare industry has not kept up with supply compared to demand.

However, AI can contribute to solving social problems by introducing it to welfare projects. “AI” still has problems with cost and technical problems, so it can not be solved immediately, but it will definitely be necessary as AI becomes widespread.


Disadvantages of “AI (Artificial Intelligence)”

Next we will introduce the disadvantages of introducing AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Employment decreases

With the spread of artificial intelligence in the world, AI works even if humans do not work. Above, I introduced the merits of AI from a manager’s point of view, but this is a demerit from an employer’s point of view. Data, analysis, and even simple labor can be done more accurately than human beings, so there is no need to hire high-paying people.

Loss of Human Touch

The nursing care industry and the eating and drinking industry are also true, but when everything is deprived of work by AI, there is no such thing as humanity.

“If I want to eat the food made by this person,” “I want this person to take care of him”, etc. If the night service from people goes down from the world, the consumer will also not receive the service, something is not enough You may feel it.

The introduction of “AI” has both advantages and disadvantages, so its use will be the most important.

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