Advantages and disadvantages of EC sites compared to retail stores

“EC site” such as Amazon and ALIBABA continues to increase sales every year. After all, in the Internet society, the influence of EC sites is enormous, and it has a significant impact on consumer behavior. Before, people could only purchase goods at physical store, but now you can get what you want just by staying at home.

It is undeniable that EC sites have multiple advantages but these sites also have a number of  disadvantages compared to retail stores. Here, let’s look at the pros and cons of EC sites.

Disadvantages of EC sites

No direct contacts between customers and sellers

One of the advantages of retailers is the ability to meet customers directly. Conversely, the disadvantage of EC sites is that they can not meet customers directly.

You can not actually see and touch the product

Another disadvantage of EC sites is when purchasing goods on these sites, customers cannot actually see and touch the products. While it is possible for customers to physically check items in retail stores,  in the case of an EC site, it is simply impossible.

“The item I bought from EC sites is not exactly the same as how I expected it to be.” Those who use EC sites on a regular basis, for sure,  have had this experience at least once.

Advantages of EC sites

Lower-price products

One of the benefits of EC sites is that customer can buy goods at lower prices.

There is a labor cost for retailers, but if it is an EC site, the labor cost can be minimized. So you can sell products at reduced prices.

You can shop just at home

Another advantage of the EC site is that you can purchase products even at home. Even if you live in a rural area, or if the product is not sold at your area, you can purchase it on the EC site. Even when the shipping is charged, most of the time it is still cheaper to buy products online than going to the retailer by yourself.

In the end, retailers and EC sites have different advantages and disadvantages. Customers, therefore, should consider the most suitable purchasing methods based on their needs.

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