What will happen to the future of the IT industry

Future of the IT industry

The IT industry, on a global basis, has greatly contributed to people’s current convenience, and it is still developing and growing day by day. So what will happen to the IT industry itself in the future?

IT industry will continue to expand

Needless to say, the demand of IT industry is so high that there is no day that we don’t see or use a product of the IT industry. If demand does not change, it will continue to increase as convenience increases. This much is expected.

As a result of the actual survey, sales in all industries related to the IT industry continue to rise. At present, online and offline, reality and virtual, are still clearly separated, but if VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality) and so on, spread amongst the globe, the line separating real from digital disappears, and IT will be omnipresent and omnipotent. However, it is also possible that you will benefit from the industry.

Lack of human resources

However, one issue that arises is the issue of human resources. In order to get the job done, you need skilled and knowledgeable labor. If  the IT industry were to gradually integrate “online” with “offline”, they would need human resources who have knowledge we have not yet obtained, fresh thinkers. When this happens, especially in Japan, the declining birthrate is expected to exacerbate the shortage of human resources.

Correspondence to big data

And, in order to deal with so-called “big data”, technology and human resources will be needed to analyze and draw conclusions from the data.

Big data, as the name implies, refers to huge amounts of data, but as the IT industry expands in the future, it will be essential to process even more data, ie big data, than has ever before been seen.

Therefore, knowledge and human resources are needed for that.

Programming required

It has already been decided, but from 2020 it is announced that the programming education will be required.

In order to eliminate the shortage of human resources that accompanies the ever-increasing demand for the IT industry, the purpose is to cultivate the logical thinking ability while at the same time getting in touch with programming concepts from as early as primary school, to try make the technology more familiar.

In contrast to the expansion of the IT industry, it is expected that the shortage of human resources will be aggravated, but various measures will be taken to make up for the shortage of human resources, and programming will become essential in such a future society.

And what does the future hold when the IT industry has taken such measures?

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