What are the differences between IT, ICT and IoT

There are some differences between IT, ICT and IoT

I think the acronym ‘IT’ has been heard by just about everyone these days, but acronyms with similar meanings, ICT and IoT, have also come to be heard frequently these days.

In this issue, we will introduce the meaning and differences of IT, ICT and IoT that have become important in the field of information and communication.

IT is information technology

IT is an abbreviation of “Information Technology”, in other words, IT is a term that collectively refers to information processing technologies such as the Internet and other information communication technologies and computers. It appears to mean almost the same as ICT mentioned later, but it tends to point to the technology itself rather than ICT.

ICT is information transmission technology

ICT is an abbreviation of “Information and Communication Technology” and translates into Japanese as “Information transmission technology”. ICT is used in almost the same sense, but as “Communication” is included along the way, it is used as a term that focuses more on how to use IT, rather than to refer to the technology itself. In Japan, the acronym “IT” is still the mainstream, but the acronym “ICT” is the mainstream worldwide. However, in recent years there has been a move in Japan as well from IT to ICT. It seems that in the future, not only will we communicate, but we will focus on how we will develop it for its use.

IoT is the Internet of Things

IoT is an abbreviation of “Internet of Things”. It is not a general communication device but refers to the technology and method of connecting with the Internet with the “things” around you. The technologies that connect to the Internet, such as TVs and smart cards, that have not been connected to the Internet until recently make up “IoT technology”.

Furthermore, IoT has even more similar acronyms such as IoD and IoH. The ‘D’ in IoD stands for ‘Digital’, which therefore means IoD translates to the “digital Internet.” A device or technology originally intended to be connected to the Internet. The ‘H’ in IoH is for ‘Human’, thus IoH translates to “Human Internet”, a technology that enables people to connect to the Internet through communication devices.

IoE (All Internet)

And there is one more word, IoE, where E is for ‘Everything’, which translates to “all internet”. People, goods, places and data are all technologies that create the world connected to the Internet. I am now realizing the world of IoT, but the world of IoE lies further ahead, that is, the world where everything, including people, is connected to the Internet. However, the technology is progressing steadily every day.

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