What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet society

About the merits and demerits of the Internet society

The current Internet society brought a topic for us to think about.

The development of the IT industry has given us many benefits.

It is not exaggeration to say that now, Internet society is an essential condition for our daily life. On the other hand, there are also incidents that have been caused by the Internet society.

Let’s consider about merits and demerits of the Internet society.

The benefits of net society

First of all, I think that the most important thing is “being able to be with anyone at any time and in anywhere,”. This has enabled us to communicate with people without big physical movement.

It allowed us to copy and replace activity easily. Up to now, it has been possible to save our time by making it possible to copy and replace quickly and safely, even when updating or reworking something.

And, there is also no physical restriction is required to store information. If it is a paper such as a book, we need a place to store and deteriorates. And there is always limitation of amount they can store. However, if information is stored as data on computers, it does not take any space, and the physical deterioration of hardware itself does not occur as well as information. Store the information on the internet is easier than anything.

The disadvantages of Internet society

First of all, you can communicate with anyone by using it, so you do not need to have someone you actually know.

As a result, irresponsible behavior is more likely to occur. Specifically, it is easy to take actions with no respect towards other people by slandering someone, spreading false information, or using something that cannot be identified.

In addition, there is a risk that information which may be diffused that is harmful to a specific person by making mistake or by another person’s malicious intent.  Because the diffusion power is transmitted to people with a physical distance in an instant.

And it is also a disadvantage that it is possible to reprint the work of another person without permission or disguise. Especially when things were made to publish because anyone can replace or copy easily.


In this way, the Internet society has many benefits, but it is not only general convenience but also, it has many disadvantages. However, since malicious behavior existed before the invention of the Internet society, it can be said that it depends on how we use it.

In order to fully enjoy the benefits of the Internet society and to avoid the disadvantages, it is necessary to identify the maliciousness on the Internet and also, it is important to have the ability to get only accurate information (net literacy).

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