What will happen to the semiconductor industry in the future?

“Semiconductors” are incorporated in smartphones, personal computers, flat-screen TVs, and music players you are using on a daily basis.

This “semiconductor” is often used for what you are familiar with. It is an era is known as the “internet society” in modern times, but as this net society advances, there is no doubt that the demand for semiconductors will also increase.

In 2020, It is said that there should be 50 billion gadgets around the world, such as smartphones, PCs, tablets, and other “devices” you use. Currently, the sale of semiconductor makers are either flat or rising. Some companies have lowered sales, but such companies are small if you look at the market as a whole.

There will be shift from 4G to 5G in 2020

Do you know that there is a shift from 4G to 5G (5th generation mobile communication) in 2020?

5G has “large capacity, high speed, low delay” compared to the obsolete 4G, so you can use automatic driving vehicles and drones etc. For loT society, with the development of 5G (fifth generation mobile communication) indispensable, electronic equipment and electric appliances that we are using now have advanced technology and can be operated remotely. Therefore, by the time 5G can be used, the demand for semiconductors will be higher. Recently, leading companies are trying M & A to expand market share. For example, M & A has been carried out many times by Qualcomm (US) Corporation to acquire NXP company (Orchid), as well as Softbank (Japan) to acquire ARM Holdings (UK), and so on.
There is a shift from mobile to car.

There is a shift from mobile phone to automobile

There should be many people who have heard of “automatic driving car”.

“Automatic driving vehicle” means autonomous driving by recognizing surrounding environments with automatic radar, LIDAR, GPS, camera, and designating a destination.

Quotation; Free encyclopedia “Wikipedia (Wikipedia)”

Semiconductors are paid attention in the technology used for manufacturing this automatic driving vehicleFor this reason, the automobile market is likely to be a great place for the semiconductor industry.

Not only devices such as personal computers and smartphones but also the autonomous car market can be a major income source to the semiconductor industry. In the future, when robotic car spread all over the the world, the demand for the semiconductor industry will further increase.

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