Why do we need enterprise mobility?

Mobile-First Future

Today, consumers are more tech savvy as they are more comfortable with the smartphone to purchase the products/services. As per a survey, the mobile-first concept is widely accepted by the younger users. So, it will be one of the dominating trends in the very near future. Retailers of emerging or developed market have to embrace the mobile app to accomplish their business milestones and drive assured success.

To Stay Connected with Consumers via Mobile App:

Consumers favor communicating with the business through messaging instead of calling. So, retailers have started to use various chat tools such as click-to-message, chatbots, 3rd party messaging apps, and much more. By sending right message to right target audience at the right time, business can attain more competitive advantages of mobile messaging apps than any traditional channel.

To increase profits:

Users prefer mobile apps to purchase the products/services. App Annie remarked that there were 90% of user who uses mobile apps to make a buying decision. Only 10% of user uses top browsers to purchase the products/service.

According to Google, in 2016, 50% of users used mobile apps to make a purchase decision, 45% of users preferred mobile apps to search for the product information, and 29% of users made a purchase online and offline based on the research from mobile apps. As per a research, during the Black Friday 2015, online and mobile were the most preferred platforms for shopping across the US region. The Western retailers stated that basket spend was greater in an app in compared to purchase from mobile or desktop browser.

Better user experience:

Apart from transactional benefits, retailers also want to develop mobile applications to enhance users experience and boost customers’ loyalty and interest. Mobile apps help businesses to deliver personalize experience to the users by sending them targeted notifications.

So, take a step ahead and make your business mobile-centric to close all business opportunities successfully.


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