How would you rank the USA, China, Russia, the UK, South Korea, and Japan in technology?

The areas of technology each country leads

USA : weapons, jet propulsion, microprocessor, software, AI, medical science and drugs, computer imaging(CGI).

Russia : rocket propulsion, space exploration, ICBM and SLBM.

Korea : 5G communication, chip fabrication, EV battery, commercial fission power plants, fusion reactors, fuel cell, display technology.

Japan : Stem cell, Robotics

China : Drones, the Internet and content control, Solar Power, bitcoin mining.

UK : UK is a not a technology leader anymore, more of a finance driven economy.

If you ask for the rank, I would say

USA > Russia > Korea > China > Japan > UK.

Another good source of measuring the Innovation is Bloomberg’s Innovation Index. These Are the World’s Most Innovative Economies

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