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To keep it nice and concise for those who are not familiar with LAYLA yet – it is an e-commerce site for GLOBAL SEMI parts & equipment trade. You can register as a buyer or seller (or both if you wish!) and find the best possible solution to your SEMI needs. Registering on LAYLA is completely free of charge, and so is listing items to the site. We already have an extensive amount of users from all over the world (China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, USA etc…) and the number of both buyers and sellers keep increasing.

Procurement specialists can easily find different options on one platform without having geological limitations. Having multiple options from different sellers also provides different types of solutions to any specific needs one might have (warranty, delivery time, price). Adding LAYLA to the toolbox when looking for parts and equipment can only bring more value to any buyer. The specially engineered DEMAND FUNCTION on LAYLA allows buyers to send out quote requests to sellers. This helps tremendously in the process of finding what you are looking for.

For sellers, the beauty of LAYLA is in its global reach. You are no longer limited to your existing network, but you can also reach a number of prospective buyers from different countries and regions. This way you can easily outsource a lot of your efforts by letting the buyers come to you. By receiving the notifications sent by buyers through the DEMAND FUNCTION you will also be notified directly whenever someone is after a part or equipment you might have.

LAYLA is run by semiconductor industry specialists. We are always more than happy to assist you and help with any inquiries you might have. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

We look forward to your registration on LAYLA!

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